TheAndrogen exists to act as a hub for accurate, and digestible research as it pertains to hormones and the male body. Granted, with anything, abuse or misuse can lead to irreversible consequences, and this happens with anabolic steroids too. It is however our responsibility to do our due diligence in learning what we are pushing into our bodies, be it food, supplements, or steroids, and make the most informed decisions we possibly can. There are alot of very educated people out there on the forums with knowledge to share, and they are awesome for being there as a resource to newcomers. In that same vein, however, there are idiots who do are giving maladvice, and steering said newcomers in the wrong direction. At the end of the day, you need to do your own research and take everything with a grain of salt. No one cares more about your body than you.

I want this resource to exist to in order to facilitate good decision making, curiosity, and conversation. I want to provide you with scientifically backed, easily googled information to act as a starting point on your quest for chemical enhancement. Don’t take this blog as bible – but use it for perspective, and as a basis of research.


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